Budget Hotels in Rome If you running short of money and you still want to stay in Rome to experience the heavenly beauty of the place, we recommend you to try our Budget Accommodation in Rome where the lower cost do not suggest that service and comfort are lacking.
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Budget Hotels in Rome Italy


Rome is known for its luxury and comfort. Budget hotels in Rome offer the same luxury and comfort at affordable tariff. Popular tourist attractions in Rome such as  Museo e Galleria Borghese, Pincio Hill, Artigianato del Cuoio and Ditta G Pozzi, Berte, Ai Monasteri, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Pantheon, etc. attract travelers from around the world. We at a1romehotels.com not only offer heavy discounts up to 70% on online hotel booking, we also offer extensive information on tourist destinations in Rome

Some popular budget hotels in Rome such as Hotel Laurentia, Hotel Marghera, Hotel Espana, Hotel Emona Aquaeductus, Hotel Donatello, Hotel Prince, Hotel Argentina, Hotel Villa Giulia, Il Gattopardo Relais, Vivaldi Luxury Rooms, Crosti Hotel, Hotel Buenos Aires, and many other accommodate travelers with standard facilities and amenities. Budget hotels in Rome namely Hotel Rinascimento, Hotel Mach2 Rome Airport, Hotel San Silvestro, Hotel Isa, etc. are known globally.

The capital of Italy is known for popular tourist destinations in Rome such as Museo di Roma, Museo della Civiltà Romana, Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari, Museo dell'Alto Medioevo, Galleria Spada, Galleria Borghese, Palazzo Barberini, Museo Barracco, Museo della Pasta, and many others. Rome has great history and cultural heritage which is visible in its various historical buildings. Numerous reminiscent of Roman Empire show the strength and grandeur of erstwhile kingdom.