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It is assumed that Rome was founded 754 BC by the twins Romulus and Remus but archaeologist shows that the story of Rome Italy begins rather before this which can be divided into five phases. But these historical facts can be seen in the history page of travel guide. Rome consistently developed as the capital of the Roman kingdom, Roman Republic and finally the Roman Empire due to its tough military conquest, commercial predominance as well as selective assimilation of neighboring civilization. The supremacy of shadow of Rome consistently existed for almost a thousand years. It remained as the most politically important, richest and largest city in the western world.

Thus, if love to explore ancient architecture and temples and age-long and legendary activities beckon you then you must plan a trip to the ancient lands of Rome. Several iconic landmarks like Etruscan tombs, Republican meeting rooms, Imperial temples, ancient Christian churches, medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces, and Baroque basilicas instantly send you the superficial world of history and architecture. The city is historically known as city of seven hills as well. According to mythology, these seven hills are the Cermalus, Cispius, Fagutal, Oppius, Palatium, Sucusa and Velia.

Thus, one must say that Rome is full of history, with ruins, monuments, intricate fountains, wide open piazzas and museums full of art treasures. Hence, if Rome was not built in a day – it can not be seen in a day as well. There is one more famous quote that all roads lead to Rome. Hence, if you love traveling then roam you way to Rome. Rome offers well coordinated and helpful bus network within the city. Visitors also may consider upon standard yellow and white licensed taxis with meters.

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