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Rome Transportation

Rome transport includes a metro, tram, train, taxi and Boat service which combinedly makes transportation in Rome a world class transport service.

There are two main international airports in Rome. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is situated in the centre of the city and Ciampino International Airport is located in the south of the capital. Taxis may be the most expensive medium to get around the city but it is very convenient and fast as well. Travelers must know that if you phone for taxi, the cab’s meter starts running when it is summoned not when it arrives to pick you up. There are no strict and reliable schedules for bus services in Rome.

Tram services are mostly routed around historic centre. Line A and B are two metro lines. Line A is known as red lines and it runs towards northwest past the Vatican and south. Similarly Line B is known as Blue line and it runs towards southwest past the Colosseum and northeast. Metro service is the most punctual form of public transport.