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Rome Weather

Rome weather is very much influence with Mediterranean climate. The most pleasant weather in Rome can be experienced during April to June and from mid September to October. Weather Rome becomes hot and sticky in July and August. By August, traditionally many businesses remains close and local people abandon the city for holiday resorts. Recent study shows that now this trend is weakening.

Rome is a year-round city, and you can really visit at any time of year. Some times, however, are better than others. If you can, you should avoid visiting Rome in July and August, when the weather is hot and sticky, and those Romans that don't make their living exclusively from the tourist industry have left town; many businesses are closed, and in those places that are open most of the patrons will be fellow-tourists. The weather is more comfortable in May, June and September , when most days will be warm but not unbearably so, and less humid, though you'll still find the city busy during these times; April , outside of Easter, and October , are quieter and the weather can still be clement - making this in many ways the ideal time to come. The winter months can be nice, with many of the city's more popular sights pleasantly uncrowded: the weather can be rainy but the temperatures are usually mild. Whenever you visit, you'd be well advised to book your accommodation in advance.